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Every time a new person contacts you via whats app, that way you can answer the person even if you are busy. Another very interesting function of whats app business is the option to create tags in your contacts, that is, it is possible to create tags such as “customer”, “awaiting product promotion”, “do you want to buy”, in addition to being able to differentiate each tag with a color and desired name. Lead capture tools did you know that it is possible to capture leads in different ways? Going beyond email capture, inside your website? In this list below, 2 tools for you to capture leads even

If you still don’t have an email marketing tool

Hello bar is a digital marketing tool that allows you to create “popups” and “warning bars” within your blog/site . Through “Popups”, those notices that appear jumping on the Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka screen, you can offer digital rewards in exchange for your visitor’s e-mail registration.  Onesignal one signal – push notfication one signal – push notfication through onesignal you allow your blog readers to sign up to receive push notifications every time you publish a new update on your blog. That is, every time you make a new publication your readers will receive a notification.

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This tool is an excellent way for you to make

Your visitors return to your site again, whenever you launch something new on your blog, and it can certainly be a great ally in your digital marketing strategy. Design tools in this list we will show you the main digital marketing tools for you to develop the design of your social media. Using good Fresco Data images that catch your user’s attention is very important.  Canva canva – online design tool 700canva – online design tool canva is an excellent quality digital marketing tool for image editing .

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