What is accessibility in clinic management software

What is accessibility , a key concept when we use health-related software. When we are working in a medical clinic we need all the tools to be immediately available, and also adapted to our work, in this way we can work with immediacy and comfort.

In this post we analyze what accessibility is, based on the example of medical records and how we apply it in Clinic Cloud.

What is accessibility
Accessibility is a concept that measures the degree to which a person, regardless of their abilities, can use a service, in this case software.

If the use of medical software is simple, we will say that it is accessible, on the contrary, if most of its functions can only be used by people who have acquired a series of special knowledge, we will say that it is not very accessible.

How we make Clinic Cloud medical software

At Clinic Cloud we think that all our tools should be accessible, because in medical teams there are people who are little or not at all familiar with digital management, with accessible software we residential phone numbers make the analogue-digital transition as simple as possible.

To develop accessible software we must take into account the needs and capabilities of medical professionals. At Clinic Cloud we develop medical management programs based on the idea that their use should be simple.

The transition from one function to another is immediate, in addition, all the clinical information, both about the patient and that relating to the professional, is always at hand.

A medical history accessible in Clinic Cloud

One of the keys to the accessibility of Clinic Cloud is the possibility of working in the cloud. Our software is more accessible because it allows you to work entirely in digital format, without the need for physical files, and you will also be able to access any medical record immediately.
Find the medical record you need by name, surname or based on the characteristics of each patient. In addition, you can modify it at any time and from different devices, and more than two people can even work on it at the same time.

With Clinic Cloud, your medical records are not only safe, you can Fresco Data also work on them whenever you need, immediately and adapted to you.
If you are looking for advanced clinical management software, contact Clinic Cloud, we offer you the possibility of working with a tool tailored to your needs, developed to be completely accessible.

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