What is an official medical association and how does it work

An official college of doctors is an institution that ensures the correct practice of a specific branch of medicine. Knowing these institutions is essential when practicing medicine; these types of professional associations ensure that the profession is practiced only by professionals, thus protecting both the patient and the registered medical staff.

What is an official medical school?
An official medical association is a professional association that brings together doctors from a specific administrative jurisdiction. The purpose of these schools is to protect the fundamental values of the profession, based on deontology and the ethical code.

The protection of medical associations has a double aspect: on the one hand, registered professionals are protected, and on the other, patients are protected in cases of malpractice.

Functions of an official college of doctors

As we said, the different schools are grouped territorially, and in addition, they are also divided into specialties, therefore, each school has a series of specific telemarketing lists tasks. In any case, there are some common functions that are the following:

Processing of instances or claims.
Improvement and consultation of the legislation relating to your activity.
Mediate and resolve appeals related to members.
Defend the professional interests of those represented.
Establish and enforce standards of ethics and deontology.
Avoid both unfair competition and labor intrusion.
Cooperation with public authorities that request their help or advice.
Issue valid certifications to members, both in Spanish territory and in the EU.
Manages social protection for both doctors and family members.
Adapts the exercise of the profession to the demands of citizens.

The use of medical software in an official medical association

There are many medical professional associations and health entities with which we collaborate. Clinic Cloud is a global health software, applicable both to the general activity of a clinic and to the organization and management of an official medical association.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive digital solution, capable of providing solutions to both small medical clinics and professional associations. All the functions and image of the Clinic Cloud software are customizable, in addition, its use is  Fresco Data simple and intuitive, even for people who have never worked with digital media. If you want more information about the use of Clinic Cloud and its application in medical professional associations, contact us.

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