What is osteopathy and what diseases does it treat

At Clinic Cloud we develop software adaptable to any type of medical clinic. There are many osteopathic clinics that use Clinic Cloud, this week we analyze what osteopathy is , what ailments it treats and how Clinic Cloud adapts to the management of your clinic.

What is osteopathy
Osteopathy diagnoses dysfunctions derived from the mobility of the tissues of the human body, which usually cause disorders in the body.

Traditional osteopathic treatment is based on a series of non-invasive manual techniques that affect the affected areas of the body. The theoretical basis of osteopathy is based on a holistic view of the body, seeing the organism as a whole, rather than treating the parts independently.

The three principles of osteopathy

There is a lot of knowledge involved in osteopathy, however, the general theory is based on three principles applicable to any phone lists treatment, they are the following:

Law of the artery: The body itself generates a series of defenses, capable of self-regulating the entire organism, however, for this barrier to function completely it is necessary that the cells are nourished thanks to the work of the arteries.
Law of structure: The skeleton is also important in osteopathy. Thanks to the bone structure we can have total freedom of movement, in addition, it allows liquids to reach the tissues, as well as cell renewal.
Law of unity of the body: The ultimate objective of osteopathy is for the body fluids to function correctly, circulating throughout the body. It sees the human body as a unit, made up of absolutely interdependent parts.

Clinic Cloud for osteopathic clinics

Types of osteopathy treatment
Reducing all possible osteopathic treatments to their base, we can say that there are three different osteopathy treatments, they are the following:

Structural: These treatments target bone and muscle disorders.
Visceral: Directed to vital organs.
Cranial: It is the specific part of osteopathy that deals with the skull.
Depending on the area operated on, the treatment will therefore be structural, visceral or cranial.

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