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The Return on Investment (or ROI for Return On Investment in English) corresponds to an indicator (generally in percentage) which indicates whether a marketing operation has been a success or not in terms of financial income. Put simply, it’s money earned versus money invested. We are taking the example of a marketing campaign here, but we will see a little later that this indicator is also valid in other contexts. So,the ROI will help determine which strategies workand which should be improved or abandoned. How to calculate the ROI? In general are purely financial. We will see that this calculation can also be made on other criteria The ROI.

In Television, Audience Figures Can Be Used to Quantify

The distribution of an advertisement, but how can the real impact of an advertisement on the consumer’s purchasing behavior be measured? This is why we are witnessing the rise of testing sessions and neuro-marketing, which make it possible to design the most effective advertising Palestine Business Email List in advance. The ROI of web actions On the web, the problem is a little different. There is indeed a lot of data on the behavior of Internet users on a website thanks to the web analytics. We will also be able to make them interact through call to action : registration for a newsletter, sharing on social networks, purchase in ecommerce, or submission of quote request forms. The possibilities are many. It is also possible to correlate the engagement of Internet users to the source of traffic.

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Clearly, If You Invest a Euro in Advertising

You know how much interaction it has generated. However. You do not necessarily have your ROI: in the end. What turnover was induced by this or that action? Three main cases then arise: Merchant site or E-quote. Your site is a merchant site or a site with a contact/quote request form. In this case. Either you Fresco Data directly measure your ROI per channel (by correctly configuring Google Analytics for example). Or you can. Depending on your average conversion rate. Evaluate your ROI by calculation by assigning a value to a quote request. Site paid for by advertising In this case. It is necessary to measure the gains of advertising in terms of performance marketing and relate them to the overall expenses incurred to drive traffic to the site. Presentation site (showcase site) If your website is not designed to generate revenue.

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