What is the Back Office and the Front Office

From the moment a patient books an appointment at a clinic until they leave the clinic with their treatment, a lot of things happen that the public does not see. They are includ in those activities that take place in the so-called Back Office . If you are not yet familiar with that term, in our post today we bring you the definition of Back Office.

What is the Back Office? The management of the company, such as: accounting, human resources or logistics.

The back office is the section of a company

In short, the back office is made up of the areas that, although they do not directly generate income, are necessary for the business to function correctly. The difference between back cold calling scripts for bankers office and front office is the concept that is born in opposition to that of Front Office , which is the part of the company that is in contact with the client.

In many companies, especially large ones, the front office and the back office are separat, not only in the tasks they do, but also physically. In this way, the backoffice staff is not located in the company’s main buildings, but rather in the outskirts or in another city, saving the costs that would entail having them in a more central location. There are companies that go further and directly outsource all or part of BackOffice tasks to reduce fixed costs.

Clinics are a special type of business

However, the backoffice concept is not only applied in large and medium-siz companies, but also in small businesses such as a fruit store or a bar. Although perhaps the term that we would use most in those cases would be backroom. In these cases, in addition, the small staff can make the same worker do back and front office tasks.

BackOffice for your clinic one in which the concept of Back Office also has a place. In fact, there are many IT solutions that exist to manage “backroom” tasks. We have developed Clinic Cloud, a management program that is medical software , dental clinic Fresco Data and physiotherapy software among many others, since it is suitable for any type of clinic.

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