What Profile to Be a Press Officer

Press officers are essential for companies and brands to increase their visibility in the media. They can operate directly in a company but also in a PR agency, responsible for one or more budgets. But this job is not for everyone, it is generally necessary to hold a Bac +4 or +5 in communication (university training or private school) and have a very specific profile defined below. Editorial fluency Knowing how to write well is essential to become a press attaché. There are indeed a lot of writing assignments: press releases, press kit. It is necessary to know the rules of writing and journalistic style in order to meet the expectations of journalists. It is also necessary to take care of the content, very often reproduced in the media with little or no modification.

Good Knowledge of the Media

A press officer must know the media sphere to choose the media best suited to the targeted targets. It is important to know the editorial calendar of each media in order to reach them at the right time! Organization Organization is one of the main qualities of a good press officer: not being New Zealand Business Email List being able to establish a schedulePress relationsand respect it. There are many events to organize: press conferences, press lunches, press trips: don’t forget any detail! Adaptability Each journalist has his own mode of operation, different needs: it is very important to know how to adapt to each of his interlocutors. Reactivity The press attaché often works in a hurry: he must therefore be responsive and available to journalists in order to respond promptly to their expectations. Interpersonal skills Press officer is a very relational profession.

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You Have to Know How to Forge Links and Build Privileged

Relationships with journalists by being courteous, close and attentive. Mastery of new technologies The modern press officer must absolutely master new technologies such as emailing, social networks, and others. Indeed, press relations are increasingly using digital channels.ord of mouth is Fresco Data first source of information in terms of influence. Many people have heard it before, but few have really thought about it, alas. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos–Epsilon in September 2013, television advertising influences 21% of consumers and radio advertising, 11%. While the first 4 places of influence go to models based on social recommendation: friends (54%), family (52%), spouse (38%) and online review sites.

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