What types of medical management program

If you are looking for a medical management program adapted to your clinic, at Clinic Cloud we offer you all the solutions you need for your health center. Our software is fully customizable, so it can be adapt to the characteristics of your clinic. In addition, we have programs focused on different medical specialties, as we show you below.

medical software
It is a complete software aim at the complete management of health clinics in the cloud. In addition to healthcare applications, this software also offers the possibility of financial management and is fully adaptable, so you can customize it with the image of your clinic.

This software is especially aimed at dental clinics

Software for dentists

At Clinic Cloud we know that a dental clinic needs specific tools for its management, that is why we include resources such as the online odontogram, with which you telemarketing leads for sale can have an odontogram in the cloud for each of your patients.

Physiotherapy software
We also have software specializ in physiotherapy and kinesiology, with which you can coordinate all your teams in a single tool, which allows you to have different agendas for the daily organization of your clinic.The benefits of working in the cloud for a psychology clinic are also numerous. Appointment management is one of the greatest advantages that Clinic Cloud offers you, you will be able to organize all daily appointments in a system specially creat to facilitate the organization of medical appointments.

Software for aesthetic clinics

Clinic Cloud adapts to all types of clinics, including aesthetic medicine centers that need management software. All the information about your aesthetic clinic will be stor in the cloud. On the one hand, you will be able to access all the data from wherever you are, from different devices, but in addition, all the data will be protect according to the Organic Law of Data Protection.

Healthcare software
Clinic Cloud is a general medical management software, capable of adapting to any type of clinic, and which also includes all types of specific tools for health professionals. Regardless of the type of clinic, Clinic Cloud software adapts to all types Fresco Data of health centers and includes functions relat to the medical activity of a health center, but also functions aimed at the financial management of the center.

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