If everyone solves the same thing why you

One of the most painful consequences of the lack of differentiation and being very similar to others is the loss of profitability. If a client does not perceive a difference. He will decide by price; but the problem is not the price. But rather that you do not perceive a difference. If everyone And we cannot judge our clients for acting like this. We all do it. Suppose you are going to buy a television.

You already have a favorite brand, you know how many inches you want it and what technology is the best. Identify several establishments that sell that television and immediately begin to compare prices. See who’s on sale, which one’s on sale, and the like. The conclusion is that since the product is the same and no store focuses on explaining its differentials as a marketer. You will seek to buy the television at the lowest possible price.

There are too many options

The rationale is very simple: it is exactly the same product from the same brand with the same specifications, so why would you pay more? That’s how your clients think too. There are too many options on the other hand, the fact that there are Gambling Email List too many options implies that clients, consumers, users, or whatever you call them in your sector, have plenty of alternatives to choose from and bargaining power. If you do not provide them with better commercial conditions, there are more suppliers, brands, professionals or organizations lining up aspiring to sell to them, even if it is not profitable for them. 

There is no bed for so many people

If everyone Think about your and your competitors’ sales expectations for the current year. How much do you think each brand, business or professional expects to sell? Now compare them with the market’s purchasing capacity or expectation for that same period.I can safely assure you that supply substantially exceeds demand. Except for certain sectors where there Fresco Data is a shortage in supply due to specific situations, international phenomena or commodity management. This is the reality that we all face. There is excess supply for very limited demand. Under this scenario, many businesses will fall short of their sales expectations. 

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