Will Facebook Bury Youtube Over Video

Facebook is continuing to transform its social network into a true space for sharing videos with the integration of video “channels” on the pages. Among the first users of this functionality, ABC News or Le Monde, which set up relatively extensive channels. facebook-video-youtube-playlists After efforts to push brands to publish engaging content (including videos), and to promote it, Facebook is attacking YouTube head-on. It must be said that the resemblance between a Youtube channel and a video channel on Facebook is obvious. videos-facebook-une Facebook / YouTube, which one to choose? On the Facebook side, the main advantage of uploading videos to the platform is that the engagement can be much higher.

Thus, Many More Views Will Be Generated

On Facebook, rather than on Youtube. Another advantage of Facebook: Its video promotion module. This allows you to target very precisely, and offers enormous potential for visibility. Youtube meanwhile has other weapons in its hands. The first advantage is in its upload and video management module . The “Creator Studio” allows you to create and optimize videos in great detail. And this optimization Saudi Arabia Business Email List be better referenced. And this is the main advantage of Youtube: SEO on search engines (Google in the lead). Facebook videos allow you to have visibility very quickly, but not in a sustainable way. Youtube on the contrary offers long-term visibility if the video is correctly referenced.

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On This Point, Facebook Is Likely

Improve thanks to its internal search engine “Graph Search”, which will most likely be implemented in the coming months. This will allow easier access to a large number of contents. Which is not the case at present. In the end, it makes sense to use both . Facebook garner a large Fresco Data of views very quickly, and to engage your community more easily. Youtube will then allow to take over in time. Channels on Facebook are unlikely to change much in this regard, since users very rarely return to a previously liked page. Graph Search will probably be able to support Facebook’s growth in video, but certainly not catch up so easily with the second largest search engine in the world, Youtube.

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