4 Solutions to Create a Website Without Code

You would like your company to have a beautiful website but cannot afford to go through an agency specializing inweb & mobile development? Do not panic, there are solutions to create your website , without code . Ideal solution or to avoid? I will try to answer this question by presenting 4 services present on the Web. Note that this is about creating a website “without code”. This means that you do not need any special programming knowledge, but by no means does it have no computer code. Any website is necessarily composed of this code. Wix Undoubtedly one of the best known among the no-code site creation services! With no less than 54 million sites created, the principle is simple at first glance: you choose a ready-made theme that you can customize, or you create your theme all by yourself like a grown-up from a blank page.

Wix Offers You Different Elements to Create

The design of your site. But the multitude of options is enough to confuse an average user. Wix also allows you to integrate a blog system, not very efficient it is true. Indeed, your articles cannot be shared on social networks (not very practical in the era of the web community) and the management Chad Email List comments must pass through an extension on the Wix market, and again , it can be confusing for beginners. It is also possible to create an e-commerce site, but with the same reservations as the blog module. WordPress.com WordPress.com uses the concept of the CMS of the same name, and therefore offers you the “classic” use of the latter. So, unlike Wix, managing posts and comments is natively supported.

B2B Email List

As a Reminder WordPress

The leader in the creation of professional blogs sites and is recognized for. The “cleanliness” of its computer code: clean code is good for SEO! On the personalization side, here you will not be able to create a theme from scratch. WordPress offers you to use free themes (very little customizable), as well Fresco Data premium themes (therefore paying) more graphically accomplished. Also note that to really customize a theme, you will need to buy the appropriate extension. So if we count the price of the domain name + the purchase of a theme + the purchase of the tool to personalize it… the total can quickly climb! In addition, this platform does not allow you to create an e-commerce site. Weebly Weebly is another service that allows you to create a website without knowing any computer code.

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