Building Loyalty Means Increasing Your Turnover

A company’s sales are constantly dependent on two groups: new customers and regular customers. But did you know that retaining a customer is between 5 and 10 times cheaper than recruiting a new one? Knowing how to retain customers should be one of the major objectives of the company. A satisfied customer will always be more likely to order from you than someone who doesn’t know you. Back to the challenges of customer loyalty techniques. Your customer is your core target! In the past, we quite often tended to consider that a customer was acquired forever, because he had no other choice or because habits created inertia. Today the reality has changed: some markets are saturated with multiple offers that are easy to access, which on the one hand drives the customer to infidelity and on the other increases the difficulty of attracting new ones.

In This Context, Companies Have Every Interest

Addressing their acquired customers in order to retain them and develop their turnover with them . Your client: your favorite salesperson! The older a customer is, the stronger their intention to recommend your business will be. Similarly, the more a climate of trust is established with your Ivory coast phone number list customers, the more they will tend to recommend your business to other potential customers. And these recommendations will be addressed to perfectly targeted prospect profiles. They will also tend to trust their contacts completely and follow their recommendations of new customers who are quick to win over and who will be easy to retain in turn.

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Reduce Your Management Costs

A customer who knows your company well. How it works and its collaborators will tend to use less. Or more independently. The support functions for the use of the products. A reduction in management costs related to after-sales service will therefore result. You won’t have time to waste Fresco Data how to use your tool or its features. He is naturally more independent. Your customers increase your turnover Over time. Your customers gain confidence in your company thanks to the quality of your products and because they have a growing knowledge of the offer. Consequently. The more a customer has seniority. The more he will tend to increase his purchase frequency. The average amount of his purchases and therefore the turnover.

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