How to Design Your Website for the International

Many French companies are setting out to conquer foreign markets. From a webmarketing point of view, it raises a multitude of questions, the answers to which are sometimes complex. How to make your site available in several different languages? What strategies ofInternational marketingadopt? What are the cultural differences to take into account? Is there an impact at the webdesign level? We offer you a little overview! [ac_toc] 1. Provide Internet users with a smooth experience When a company thinks about the design of a website allowing it to meet foreign audiences, two options are available to them. She may consider: or to keep its French content and translate it into the languages ​​that interest it (option 1). This is usually what medium-sized companies do. or to offer Internet users unique and specific content according to their country.

Large International Groups Most Often Choose This Option

The second option is of course ideal (I’ll explain why in more detail later!), but it also requires investing a larger budget. Anyway, in both cases, everything must be thought out to make the user’s experience as pleasant as possible. In this context, the BA-ba is to allow him to arrive on a website Kazakhstan Business Email List in his language! Ok, but how does it actually work? I will avoid going into too technical details, and focus on the main principles so that you have a good overview. All interspersed with examples, of course ! Thinking by country or by language? If you just translate your content, things are fairly simple: just redirect the user to the version of your site that is in their native language.

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You Must Therefore Only Reason by Language

On the other hand, if you offer specific content, it gets a little complicated! Indeed, you will have to think first by COUNTRY. Take for example the following data: you have two distinct audiences: Americans on the one hand, and Australians on the other to be closer to everyone’s issues, you talk Fresco Data American news on your site dedicated to Americans (your next seminar in New York), and Australian news on the other (your next seminar in Sidney). In this context, you will direct each of these two audiences to a site in English, which is their official LANGUAGE. However, Americans should not be referred to the site dedicated to Australians and vice versa. You will therefore have to think first and foremost by COUNTRY. Only then, if necessary, can you reason by LANGUAGE.

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