11 Devices to Test Urgently to Generate Leads on Your Site

our site generates traffic, but you are unable to convert it into leads? I have selected for you 11 ideas that should help you solve this problem. Some are very classic, others more original. It’s up to you to choose from this non-exhaustive list. And above all, do not hesitate to equip your sites with several of these devices. This will make it a real lead generation machine. Updating a blog with open comments It is in your best interest to have a business blog: not only will it help you improve your SEO and highlight your expertise, but it will also allow you to identify prospects! Indeed, if your articles are interesting, your visitors will certainly want to comment on them.

You Will Be Able to Start a Dialogue

Them, and get to know them better thanks to the information they have provided to identify themselves (their name, email, website, etc.). Tools such asDisquswill also help you find your prospects on the various social networks, to continue the conversations you have started with them. The Albania Business Email List icing on the cake, the enthusiastic comments will give you great testimonials. The comments of your visitors will allow you to know them better (screenshot via Disqus) Disqus The subscription or sharing buttons on social networks Every time someone follows your business on social media or shares your content, they are showing interest in your business.

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The Bonus Is That She Reveals Part

Her identity to you, which can be viewed on her profile. To encourage your visitors to adopt this attitude, you must of course equip your site with sharing buttons via social networks and indicate your various company profiles Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Then, all you have to do is regularly follow the list of Fresco Data your new subscribers… and interact with them to increase their commitment to your business. An original contact form Essential so that your visitors can contact your company very simply, directly from your website. Your contact form should be short and easily identifiable on your site a dedicate “Contact” page is appreciat.

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