Why Shouldn’t You Criticize Your Competitors?

Finally, to denigrate a competitor is to denigrate yourself. Instead of criticizing what the competitor is doing, it is better to ask yourself how to improve your product, your strategy. A prospect, in order for him to become a client, needs to feel confident, he must not be uncomfortable with your words. If you start criticizing your competitors, you’ll give them more publicity than you originally intended, and it’s ultimately going to backfire on you. ” No one ever became strong by pointing out the weakness of others ” said Irvin Himmel. “ Criticism is the power of the powerless ” emphasized Alphonse de Lamartine. By criticizing, for whom are you going to pass in front of your client? Do you think listening to someone badmouthing others makes you want to buy.

Criticizing Has the Downside of Losing Credibility

Criticism is only a fruit of envy. Envious people are jealous of the actions of others. If you start judging your competitors’ offers or the like, you will no longer have any credit with your customer. Not only are you not credible, but your attempt at mind manipulation will tarnish your Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List brand image. Criticize, revealing your weaknesses If you criticize a competitor, it means that you want to assert your superiority over him in front of your prospect. Do you have such a lack of confidence in yourself and your products? Because that’s what we’re talking about.

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Criticizing, Loss of the Relationship of Trust with the Client

Do you need to criticize the way your rivals are doing to feel better? Isn’t it fairer to be confident with what you’re trying to sell to your client? Believe in your product, believe in yourself! Criticizing, loss of the relationship of trust with the client The criticism is double-edged. Yes, the future client Fresco Data believe, in a tiny fraction of the cases, that you just want to take care of him and his reputation by explaining to him who he should not do business with but at the same time, you are questioning his judgment. You ultimately demean him in his choices and completely devalue him. You make him uncomfortable and in addition, by putting yourself at odds between him and the competitors, you question your trust and your loyalty.

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