Telephone Prospecting, a Difficult Exercise

Throughout this prospecting you will be rejected a certain number of times and even if all the salespeople tell you that it is normal, these moments are always difficult to live with. It therefore takes a certain amount of courage and experience to become a prospecting professional. Here are some tips from Dynamics. Put yourself in a position to prospect On the phone, can’t we see you? We imagine you. As in the theater where the actor sees only shadows, know how to capture the attention of your interlocutor . Take the right attitude. Smile The smile can be heard on the phone. Stand straight Put yourself in the same situation as if your client walked into your office and was seated across from you.

What Are Your Legal Obligations

Avoid doing two things at once Have a desk that doesn’t bring you any distractions: don’t look at your laptop when you’re on the phone, don’t surf when you’re on the phone: you can hear it on the phone. Moreover, Speak slowly Your interlocutor does not see you. Moreover, Make it easier for him South africa phone number list understand your message with clear speech and a slower flow. Say your name slowly, for example. Moreover, Why does a customer object? – to resist the seller’s influence  to make yourself more important – to put the seller in difficulty – to have more precise information – to show your interest – to be sure of making the right choice, to reassure yourself – to get better terms – to show opposition, disagreement.

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Exceptions Under the Law

Moreover, the objection into another question Basically, the question you are asking yourself is… Transform objections by focusing on a single point The only point on which you are not completely satisfied… What worries you is… Clarify the objection From what point of view are Fresco Data saying this? Too expensive ? Compared to what ? Create the objection You will think that, You may think that With these tips, win customers! To know Comply with regulations! The canvassing opposition list allows consumers to no longer be canvassed by a professional. What are the rules to follow ? What are your legal obligations? It is forbidden for a professional, directly or through a third party acting on his behalf.

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