Doubts About God’s Existence

There have been prepared nicely arranged chairs for the audience. On the stage there is a microphone, a set of sofas and a rostrum for the panelists.

How is it possible that all of them are organized by themselves without anything that arranges and arranges them.

This is not possible, because all the equipment in the hall is in the right place according to its use.

Glory be to God.

This world is arranged by Allah SWT.

Observe the planets that circulate with their respective orbits or manzilah

If the sun moves a little closer to the earth, for Database example around a few millimeters – the earth will definitely burn.

If the sun is pushed a little too far, surely the earth will be hit by an extraordinary winter.

This is evidence of the power that regulates the position of the sun and other planets. That is God.

It is impossible for the arrangement of the planets to occur by itself without someone arranging it in such a way according to its function.

Likewise with oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

As we learn in science, all these elements are in a constant proportion. Oxygen, for example, does not change its rate for use by creatures.

If the oxygen is reduced, God willing, it will be difficult for us to breathe, and our friends who have asthma will have problems.

If the oxygen is more than the required level, a fire disaster will easily occur.

Likewise we see comets in the sky and solar eclipses and lunar eclipses


Halley’s comet for example will be visible from Fresco Data earth once every 75-76 years.

Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses, whether total or partial, can be detected and predicted to appear in certain periods.

We can also accurately predict the five daily prayer times for a year.

This is evidence that the rotation of day and night occurs at a regular and regular rate.

Glory be to God.

If we think rationally and common sense , surely we cannot deny that all this did not happen by itself or by chance.

On the other hand, we will see the existence, power and strength of God there.

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