For a Good Average Session Duration

Just like the tiger, your blog visitors also decide quickly whether or not your blog is useful to them.

So if your article looks too complicated , surely they will click away to see another website anyway.

They are simply scanning your blog to guess whether they are in the right place or not.

If your web visitors only ‘glance’ at your blog, how do you want your message to get across?

Increase Your Visitor Lead Time Rate With This Lead Paragraph Formula
Now I want to share the best way to make readers stick to my site like superglue:

This is a method that has proven to be effective as an article introduction paragraph

Begin your introduction with an idea or Whatsapp Mobile Number List concept that the reader agrees with.

This will show that you understand their problem.

When you have made them agree, then it’s time to make a promise.
A promise is where you give them hope for a solution to their problem.

This is an example from my article titled ” 9 Heart Notes To Build Strength & Motivation In Life When We Fall.

Show them what you really have in store for them.

Once you’ve completed the preview component, your introductory paragraph is ready.

Now you have an introductory paragraph that can make readers stick to your blog.

And then your blog will be liked by Google to be placed in the top ranking.

Attention grabbing sentences are words and sentences that cause the reader not to move from your page.

As an example:

You may have noticed that I often use short sentences that end with a colon like this

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I sprinkle attention-grabbing sentences in each article.

For a good average session duration, the Fresco Data google standard is 2-3 minutes.

What can happen in two minutes?

Two minutes may not seem like a long time..

… but it is enough time for visitors to read the content of the article and interact with it.

And for this reason, a longer session marks the articles in our blog as useful for them.

Time is a very precious resource to us as humans, and that number shows how much time visitors are willing to sacrifice for the content of your article.

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