Some Ideas to Conquer Your Customers

Improve your commercial approach In the current and ongoing confinement, it is rare that a customer, by the mere fact of the existence of your website, is ready to sign a contract without having been able to exchange with the sales representative. So you need to improve your business ! Coaching, training or diligent reading of specialized works… all the means are good to become a better salesman. Become an expert in telephone prospecting At night do you dream that a psychopathic telephone sequesters you in your office? No doubt, you are the victim of an acute form of prospecting-phobia! So relax and put things into perspective: even the best sellers.

Optimize Your Client Meetings

Regularly hung up on! You can also consider training in this area to gain self-confidence and improve your efficiency. Explore multiple promotional techniques Do not say that you have never been convinced by the marketing techniques implemented by manufacturers to make you Taiwan phone number list their products? The famous “2 for the price of 1”: a magic trick? No, just a perfect understanding of the mechanisms of impulse buying… which you can take on as your own by remixing it a bit. Conclude partnerships Because together we are stronger than alone. No, this is not an advertisement for Meetic but a commercial advice! By joining forces with a company that offers a complementary offer to yours, you offer yourself greater visibility and expand your network.

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Find New Distribution Networks

Improve your offer based on customer feedback They may not have a marketing degree in their pocket, but they are still the ones who will advise you best on how to optimize your offer. REFINE your SEO Because few people will have the reflex to call the plumber whose site is referenced Fresco Data page 12 of the results in Google… So invest and offer yourself the advice of SEO specialists: guaranteed effects on annual turnover! Optimize your client meetings Unless you have mastered the art of hypnosis, which could greatly facilitate your task of convincing the client in front of you, you will have to learn how to conclude your business appointments effectively, even if these take place in videoconferences.

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