Succeed in Telephone Prospecting

Telephone prospecting requires developing four essential qualities which are patience, courage, perseverance, audacity and methodology technique. Regarding the latter, your voice, for example, is your vehicle: work on your speed. Your determination, your good humor and your professionalism can be heard on the phone. You have to work your mind. Hesitations, too long silences, sentences delivered without breathing communicate stress. Learn to breathe, articulate better and place your voice. You will gain in ease, charisma and strength of conviction. For that, no secret: practice! If you don’t have anyone to listen to you, record yourself, listen to yourself and listen to yourself.

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You are playing the main role in your play. Capture attention from the first sentence No more than a minute, such as the pitch you used to make to present your company at Networking evenings. You need to put conviction in your catchphrase and make sure your voice is full of energy and Croatia phone numbers list humor. Adopt the tone of your interlocutor by copying his flow and his intonations. This mimicry will create a certain conviviality. Never improvisation in the calls The call script: nothing worse than improvisation. You must anticipate and prepare answers for any questions or objections that may be made to you. Before dialing the number of a client or a prospect, you must have prepared: your pitch, your sales pitch in a short way (unless your sales are done by telephone) as well as the response to objections.

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Similarly, Labor conditions Settle down in an appropriate place with the material (argument, notepad, pen, computer, etc.). You must have a prospects file that you can create from your network, from your research. Do not hesitate to enrich it because your prospect base is crucial for Fresco Data business. Similarly, You can also buy it some cheap files are of no interest because they are not up to date. nothing is easier with social networks! To present oneself No need to introduce yourself if the person does not ask you. Do not introduce yourself by saying about yourself To overcome the obstacles of the collaborator, you must convince him of his interest in making your call and the interest of his superior. Phone outside of his hours early in the morning or late in the evening.

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