What Do Quality Titles Look Like

Let’s start by showing an example of a title that tries to overdo it:

Did you get tired just trying to read it? Although relevant terms such as “Silicone Kitchen Utensils” appear, in order to benefit it in terms of visibility, the title has ample room for improvement.

Here’s an example of a better title for a similar product:

This product has a concise title, which includes all the details necessary for it to appear in relevant searches.

He describes the fact that several accessories are included by simply using the word “set”, instead of listing them one by one.

Although Amazon allows up to 200 characters, the recommended length for titles is less than 80.

According to Amazon, titles shorter than 80 characters make it easier for customers to find — and ultimately buy — an item. Offers with poor quality titles may also be removed  hidden from browsing and search).

Amazon also provides title structure recommendations based on the specific product category.

Consider for example the clothing category apparel, you’ll find that for this category, the recommended size is the strictest of all:

  • Main title of the product, clothingwe Latest Mailing Database are category: brand + type and/or size + product name

Example: Nike, Men’s Running Shoes, Roshe Run.


  • Product secondary title: brand + type and/or size + product name + size + colour

Example: Nike, Men’s Running Shoes, Ron, 43 EU, Grey

When the first word of the title is the brand name, shoppers will have greater brand awareness.

2. How to optimize images

Latest Mailing Database

After the potential buyer clicks on the product page, the images will significantly influence the probability of a sale. Also with regard to visual content it is necessary to comply with Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon Image Requirements

Here are some aspects to consider when selecting images to accompany offers on Amazon:

  • Use a pure white background.
  • Show the product in its entirety and only Fresco Data what is actually included in the offer.
  • The product must occupy at least 80% of the image space.
  • Make sure the image has a minimum resolution of 1,000 DPI (dots per inch). This ensures the quality of the image when the customer zooms in.

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