How to Handle Disputes with Your Customers

If it can sometimes be thought that it is a question of bad faith on the part of customers or a problem of solvency, it must be understood that most disputes come from other sources. Good commercial contracting, errors in invoicing, non-compliance of the service or the service or even the delivery of the product may be in question. The billing error remains the most common reason. You may, of course, have made a mistake on the price or even have sent the same invoice twice, but it may be small details such as the fact of writing the purchase order number on the invoice or even a description which is not to the point.

This Error Occurs as Much on the Estimates

As on the invoices. More difficult to deal with is the question of the dispute over the quality of the product or even the correct delivery of the product which has not arrived at its destination or is still late. A necessary recovery process To resolve a dispute, there is nothing better than having a Kuwait phone number list dispute handling process. Especially in this matter, the faster the dispute is dealt with, the weaker the reactions will be. A dissatisfied customer expects a quick reaction from you, so you might as well know, in advance, how to react to different situations. The customer also generally considers that the company gives him consideration if the processing times are fast.

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Your Processes Must of Course Be Run in from

The sending of the invoice to the reminders and even the injunction to pay . You must also ensure good communication between the various departments in order to ensure correct and complete transmission of information. By optimizing your dunning process. You can significantly improve Fresco Data times and significantly reduce the number of chargebacks. Commercial documents to have To settle most disputes. Having business documents that are in order is a basis. They must preferably validate. At each stage. The commitment of your client but also yours. It is a question of being as precise as possible to avoid any possible dispute. It remains important to write and define your general conditions of sale in this context because they often make it possible to settle disputes.

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